Join inspirational teachers Kjirsten Sigmund and Dr. Kevin Preston for an unforgettable Much Metta meditation Retreat in Hawaii.


Much Metta Mastering the Power of Universal Love.


For many in spirituality, the yearning of awakening to the intelligence of the heart, is for living a more purposeful, compassionate, and awakened life. Yet the world around us can be overwhelming with the demands of the day, conspiring to keep us from the things we deeply care about.

To embrace the challenges of awakened living, Dr. Kevin Preston and Kjirsten Sigmund have intentionally designed a powerful in person Much Metta meditation retreat. This life changing experience will be held in beautiful Hawaii in May 2021 with a focused exploration of the depths of spirituality and what it means to live our human existence in an awakened way. This powerfully transformative retreat is an opportunity to create a container that will help each individual to deepen wherever they are on their unique spiritual journey and integrate the teachings into their everyday life.

Join us for a transformative 7 day experience — exploring the power of the heart—based on ancient wisdom and the latest in neuroscience and quantum physics. Learn simple yet powerful meditation techniques that decrease stress and give you greater control over your emotional states. Gain a deep understanding of Metta, the cultivation of loving-kindness, and why it is the most transformational meditation technique ever observed by neuroscience. Come and learn the exact meditation technique used by Matthieu Ricard, who neuroscientists have called "the happiest man in the world."

This 7 day Much Metta meditation retreat is tailored to those who are serious about their spirituality. This kind of retreat is a reflection of our desire to give more of the ancient wisdom that have stood the test of time and helped indiviudals across continents and cultures along the path of enlightenment. This week is for all those who feel deeply inspired and committed to spiritual awakening, and also to living the most awake, free, clear, and loving life that they can. This does not occur by happenstance; it requires great dedication to realization, great love of truth, and great compassion for all beings.

During this beautiful meditation retreat that brings depth of peace to your life, and the world around you, every day, you will learn how your old belief systems and mental programming can keep us from living a happy and fulfilling life that each of us deserves. This heartfelt and enlightening program will offer you a new perspective on life and give you practical tools to approach the challenges that we all face.

While this in person retreat is relevant, and certainly open, to anyone who desires to participate, we focus the ancient uncommon wisdom teachings toward the committed student. The retreat will challenge you to step forth in all dimensions of life, and will be an opportunity for us to present teachings specifically oriented toward the deeper waters of spiritual realization.

Learn how to:

— Dissolve persistent problems

— Use the power of your heart in daily life

— Increase your intuition

— Create new brain circuits that make accessing happiness easier

— Develop laser-like focus

— Understand the quantum physics underlying the concept of vibration

— Shift stories that hold you back

— Learn the art of letting go

— Transform your relationship with life