Kjirstens programs combine the use of modern psychological tools with ancient healing and shamanistic traditions, presenting a fountain of information and uncommon wisdom in a teaching style that is energetically magnetic, animated, dynamic, and full of life. 

She has trained thousands of students worldwide who continue to embody and share her alternative healing wisdom and universally aligned perspectives throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.


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Find the courage to listen to and pursue your souls awakening.

Awareness is the golden key that opens the door to enlightenment. Discover effective ways for you and those you serve to replace the contracted shadow of illusion with the expanded light of consciousness.


Kjirsten's programs combine the use of modern psychological tools with ancient healing and shamanistic traditions to help each student gain the skills, experience, knowledge, and wisdom necessary to step into their mastery both personally and professionally. Presenting a fountain of information and an uncommon wisdom teaching style that is energetically magnetic, animated, dynamic, and full of life, Kjirsten is honoured to have trained thousands of students worldwide who continue to embody and share her alternative healing wisdom and universally aligned, and consciously awake perspectives throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Are you beginning to notice? The Universe is your best friend. She will always speak to you. 


For thousands of years, initiations have been passed down from teacher to student, from master to apprentice. Initiations catalyze important changes for you and your life, they open up new doorways for your expansion into new ways of being and doing. As the powerfully trained Master Teacher and Healer, Kjirsten offers you a full range of initiations to bring you into alignment with your purpose. Many of us waste our time looking for light outside of ourselves, assuming that it is somehow separate from us. Discover how to see, know, connect with, and consciously emanate the light that is you. Light Language is a deep learning of Mayan Sacred Geometry and Color. You will learn to build personal and advanced light energy grids for yourself and the world that work within your Aura to attract and manifest your desired outcome. Useful for everyday life, Light Language is a fascinating tool to bring about quick and easy shifts in your life.

Beginning Sacred Geometry I

From the Curanderizmo lineage of Vera Cruz, Mexico comes this powerful tool using the language of light and color through sacred geometry.  In Beginning Light Language I, you will learn to work with 7-shaped sequences to form powerful grids that correlate with the human chakra system.  Discover how to reshape your aura and step into becoming an even more powerful light worker.  In this class you will learn to recognize color and geometry in your language, thoughts and behavior.  Through this knowledge you can create grids for your own personal growth, a room, building or your home and office.  Using these grids you consciously create intent that can result in instant and long-lasting changes within yourself and in your environment.

A 45 page manual (PDF) is included with this class.

Investment: $180 

Online Training


Intermediate Sacred Geometry II

Continuing on the Curandizmo path of light language, the intermediate level will teach you to write 49-shape grids to create prosperity, improve or change your career, promote healthy relationships, heighten spiritual awareness, provide service to your community and step further onto the path of enlightenment. In addition, learn powerful grids for the healing the energies of over 200 dis-eases.  

As a light worker accumulating knowledge of your own light, the energetic downloads from this class will give you a leap on your own personal path in awareness.

An extensive 250-page manual in pdf is included in this class. 

Investment: $333 

Online Training


Advanced Sacred Geometry III

The advanced level of light language is a powerful and life changing class where you will spend five days learning and integrating a tremendous amount of energetic information.  In this class you will learn: how to write 144-shaped grids that follow the pattern of our DNA using 80 sacred geometrical shapes and 144 light colors.  These grids are created to assist you and others in manifesting long lasting changes on all levels.  Community grids at this level hold enough power to help change the energies and perceptions for entire countries allowing them to shift with more grace on the physical plane.  You will learn to emanate the 80 shapes in all the colors of light, enhancing your ability to rebuild one's energetic blue print towards enlightenment.  At this advanced level, grids are powerful enough to clear the energies of life threatening diseases.

3 Manuals included.

Investment: $1550

Online Training


Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day. 

Uncommon Wisdom Online Series

In this exciting NEW Uncommon Wisdom Series starting this October 2020, come learn powerful, unique perspectives and insightful findings across a variety of the issues and challenges we face everyday – from anger, confidence, anxiety, fear, depression, relationships, suicide and addiction to dreams, abundance and happiness. These evening programs offer deep wisdom and practical guidance on how to empower ourselves so we can begin to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Each class includes pocket size books with tangible wisdom, to bring real transformation to your life.


Manifestation — Building Your Future

The reason you look back for the last time is because you cannot change the past. But you can change the now and you can definitely change your future. How does the mind work? Well, the basics of the mind are that we have three parts of the mind: conscious, subconscious and superconscious. The conscious mind is the analytical mind. It knows right from wrong, good from bad, and black from white. That is the part of your mind where information arrives from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a bit like a library, full of books. Each book has a chapter, each chapter has a theory, and each theory has the information to help eliminate the sources of suffering. The diagrams on the next pages map out these relationships and processes.


If you are reaching for something that you're trying to achieve, you are actually pushing it away. Let it go so that it can start to flow towards you. 

The Year of Meditation

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Much Metta Retreat

Mastering the Power of Universal Love.

Join us online for a transformative experience — exploring the power of the heart—based on ancient wisdom and the latest in neuroscience and quantum physics.

Learn simple yet powerful meditation techniques that decrease stress and give you greater control over your emotional states.

Gain a deep understanding of Metta, the cultivation of loving-kindness, and why it is the most transformational meditation technique ever observed by neuroscience.


The Way to Enlightened Sex

The secret to enlightenment and great sex is revealed to be one and the same in this groundbreaking program for adventurous lovers. Kjirsten has been trained for decades in the art of spiritual and sexual awakening. Now she presents the ultimate collection of skills for opening to the phsyical, emotional, and spiritual rewards of intimate embrace. Provocative and direct, The Way of Enlightened Sex program teaches you how to transform simple "skin friction" into the depths and embodiment of ecstasy; how to develop sexual abilities as gifts of heart rapture and bodily surrender; how to achieve the principal types of orgasm — and all their varieties; and much more.


The Universe separated itself from itself so that it could learn to love itself more.  

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention (DI) is an ancient Shamanic Healing Technique passed down through an unbroken lineage of master healers from Mexico and South America. It is the manipulation of energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies by calling in source to intervene on behalf of the healee.

From a spiritual perspective, Divine Intervention is one of the most sacred prayers known. From an Energetic perspective it is a powerful way to harness and direct electrical and magnetic energy in all levels of the physical and etheric bodies. Through DI we can isolate what is devitalizing to the body. In DI, one calls upon precise dimensions and frequencies when calling on the Divine to intercede.


Dimensional Mastery

Around the turn of each century, the world as we know it has ceased to exist. Each time a new harnessed energy was brought forward that eventually changed the life forces of humanity. Last century electricity, which was always there, was harnessed to be used in a thousand-fold ways in the succeeding hundred years. If a person from the 1850s were to appear in the 1950s, common household appliances would appear to be the work of master magicians. If a person from the 1950s were to look at the current computer technologies, it would also appear that master magicians were at work.


Do what keeps your spirit alive.

Enlightenment is free. It is love. It is openness. And it is now just as you are. 


Explore the effects of behavioral conditioning on the human energy field. Learn how to recondition this field using ancient shamanic techniques combined with modern psychological exercises.

Universal Laws

Go beyond? The Secret? As you explore the 105 Universal laws. Discover which are most at play in your life and learn to consciously work with those that will most support you in your current path. In this course, Kjirsten will walk you through each law and provide insightful details on how you can better apply them to your life and work toward important changes.

A manual (PDF) is included with this class.

Investment: $180 

Online Training


"The key is to be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body—to feel it at all times. This will rapidly deepen and transform your life. The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes."

Eckhart Tolle
Author of New York Times Bestseller "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth".

Innerbody Meditation 

Have you ever felt certain about something? Cognitive science is now revealing that consciousness and intelligence are an integrated system that arises not just in the mind but throughout the whole body.  Join us online and explore how meditating on the body increases your conscious connection to the deep subconscious wisdom that permeates and connects every cell of your body.

Innerbody Meditation is also the method recommended by Eckhart Tolle in his New York Times #1 Bestseller, The Power of Now. The practice—which with the proper instruction is easy to learn—awakens awareness of your personal energy field. When you come to experience that you are not just your body, but infinitely more, your ego—which comes from fear and the false beliefs in smallness and separation—begins to naturally diminish. The practice brings healing, peace, joy and a deeper connection to your true higher self.

Investment: $180 

Online Training


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