Many scientific studies have proven that meditation and mindfulness have a tremendously positive effect on the mind and body for those who practice it. Even just five minutes of simple breathing exercises spent focusing on your breath can increase your ability to relax, problem-solve, deal with anxiety, and achieve a sense of calmness in the face of conflict. The factor that brings about these changes is based on connectivity. Studies have shown that in the physical realm of the brain, meditation increases connections between areas when you’re focused - whether sitting in a formal meditation, or in adopting a mindful approach to all moments of your life. When you detach from distractions that have nothing to do with the present moment, you ”connect to your subconscious and can change how it relates to the external world. In other words, you can change behavior patterns that aren’t in your best interest, to ones that are.


Kjirsten's retreats are focused towards the committed student. The in person retreat will challenge you to step forth in all dimensions of your life, and will be an opportunity to present teachings specifically oriented toward the deeper waters of spiritual realization.


7 Day Meditation Retreat

Join inspirational teachers Kjirsten Sigmund and Dr. Kevin Preston for an unforgettable Much Metta meditation Retreat in Hawaii.

Much Metta Mastering the Power of Universal Love.

For many in spirituality, the yearning of awakening to the intelligence of the heart, is for living a more purposeful, compassionate, and awakened life. Yet the world around us can be overwhelming with the demands of the day, conspiring to keep us from the things we deeply care about.

To embrace the challenges of awakened living, Dr. Kevin Preston and Kjirsten Sigmund have intentionally designed a powerful in person Much Metta meditation retreat. This life changing experience will be held in beautiful Hawaii in May 2021 with a focused exploration of the depths of spirituality and what it means to live our human existence in an awakened way. This powerfully transformative retreat is an opportunity to create a container that will help each individual to deepen wherever they are on their unique spiritual journey and integrate the teachings into their everyday life.


Ascension, self-realization, awakening – they are all terms that describe a certain level of consciousness. Join us online for this exciting Uncommon Wisdom series where we’ll explore the nature of consciousness, how to move up the levels and how to use consciousness for greater happiness, peace and a deeper connection to Source.


Join us for a transformative 7 day experience — exploring the power of the heart—based on ancient wisdom and the latest in neuroscience and quantum physics. Learn simple yet powerful meditation techniques that decrease stress and give you greater control over your emotional states. Gain a deep understanding of Metta, the cultivation of loving-kindness, and why it is the most transformational meditation technique ever observed by neuroscience. Come and learn the exact meditation technique used by Matthieu Ricard, who neuroscientists have called "the happiest man in the world."

This 7 day Much Metta meditation retreat is tailored to those who are serious about their spirituality. This kind of retreat is a reflection of our desire to give more of the ancient wisdom that have stood the test of time and helped indiviudals across continents and cultures along the path of enlightenment. This week is for all those who feel deeply inspired and committed to spiritual awakening, and also to living the most awake, free, clear, and loving life that they can. This does not occur by happenstance; it requires great dedication to realization, great love of truth, and great compassion for all beings.

During this beautiful meditation retreat that brings depth of peace to your life, and the world around you, every day, you will learn how your old belief systems and mental programming can keep us from living a happy and fulfilling life that each of us deserves. This heartfelt and enlightening program will offer you a new perspective on life and give you practical tools to approach the challenges that we all face.

While this in person retreat is relevant, and certainly open, to anyone who desires to participate, we focus the ancient uncommon wisdom teachings toward the committed student. The retreat will challenge you to step forth in all dimensions of life, and will be an opportunity for us to present teachings specifically oriented toward the deeper waters of spiritual realization.


Learn how to:

— Dissolve persistent problems

— Use the power of your heart in daily life

— Increase your intuition

— Create new brain circuits that make accessing happiness easier

— Develop laser-like focus

— Understand the quantum physics underlying the concept of vibration

— Shift stories that hold you back

— Learn the art of letting go

— Transform your relationship with life



What is Mindfulness?

As you move through your day, does your mind focus on the present? Do you notice your feelings? Are your senses awake and taking in all the sights and sounds around you? Practicing mindfulness means you have chosen to be present in your life instead of fixating on the past, or thinking about what will happen in the future. If we examine our patterns of thought, they often reveal distraction, avoidance and projection. When we bring our mind and all of our senses to the present, we are able to experience every moment of life on a much happier and deeper level.

Mindfulness has become a popular concept to help us in our fast-paced, stressful world. It has the power to realign our attitudes and priorities. What is at the core of mindfulness, and how can we understand it in a way that is easy to put into practice? The study of mindfulness, and the meditative methods to achieve it, can be vast and often difficult to apply without motivation and commitment. It is my hope that this book will not just explore the subject of “mindful meditation,” but that it will inspire you to act on what you learn here. By shifting our focus on awareness, mindful meditation offers a different and more fulfilling approach to who we are and the world we live in.


Explore the depths of spirituality and what it means to live our human existence in an awakened way. The online retreat is an opportunity to create a container that helps you deepen wherever you are on your spiritual journey and integrate the teachings into your everyday life. The Uncommon Wisdom online retreat is tailored to those who are serious about their spirituality.


Uncommon Wisdom Series & Meditation

Join inspirational teachers Kjirsten Sigmund and Dr. Kevin Preston for an unforgettable 22 class series of Uncommon Wisdom.

Join Kjirsten Sigmund, Dr. Kevin Preston and their team of experts for an exciting NEW Uncommon Wisdom Series starting June 2020. Come learn powerful, unique perspectives and insightful findings across a variety of the issues and challenges we face everyday – from anger, confidence, anxiety, fear, depression, relationships, suicide and addiction to dreams, abundance and happiness. These evening programs offer deep wisdom and practical guidance on how to empower ourselves so we can begin to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Each class includes pocket size books that will help you to “Get a Grip” written by Derek O’Neill and include tangible wisdom to bring about real transformation to your life.

** Includes 22 Class Meditation Series created based on each class topic as well as surprise guest experts.



EXCELLENCE — You never lost it — you forgot it

What is keeping you from reaching your highest potential in life? Are obstacles to excellence rooted in the situations you find yourself in, or are they a reflection of how your mind works? EXCELLENCE, part of the UNCOMMON WISDOM series, takes you on a journey to understand why your subconscious plays a major role in creating your reality and how you can let go of the triggers and patterns that are holding you back.

Based on the ground breaking, dynamic workshop, UNCOMMON WISDOM, this concise and powerful evening program places a rewarding life within the reach of everyone. Excellence is the knowledge and satisfaction that you are living life fully and that every experience adds to the joy and grace of being human.

Excellence is not elusive; it is within you, right here and right now. Let EXCELLENCE be your guide.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Excellence is Not Perfection

— Making Friends With Your Subconscious

— The Library of Stored Events

— Working with Your Subconscious

— Using Negative Emotions for Positive Results

— Living in Cause Versus Living In Effect

— Your commitment to Excellence

— All Change Starts in the Mind

— Practicing Excellence

— A Meditation on Excellence



FEAR — A Powerful Illusion

Is fear keeping you from living your life to its fullest? This little play shop delivers some big answers to help you understand and recognize fear, along with offering easy-to-follow techniques to stop it from standing in your way.

FEAR: A Powerful Illusion, guides you towards greater insight of fear, the connection to aversion and attachment in our lives, and the extremely significant role of the subconscious. In these concise and powerful evenings you’ll find beneficial observations on fear of love, failure, death, and many other common fears and phobias. Learn how vulnerability can be a valuable feature in your life, and exactly what steps are most helpful to move on from past events and emotions that cause fear.

With a unique and uncommon perspective and holistic approach, FEAR: A powerful illusion, will change your relationship to fear and influence the way you see the world. Once fear is put in its proper place, all of life’s incredible potential will be within reach.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— The Subconscious — Our Blueprint of How We See The World

— Fear of Love — Why Are We Afraid of What We Want?

— Fear of Failure and Success — Are They The Same Thing?

— Fear of Death — We Are All Just Energy

— The Best Steps to Overcome Fear

— The Benefit of Vulnerability

— Using Fear as an Opportunity to "Meet Yourself"

— Meditations and Exercises to Combat Fear




Is your consciousness supported by the light of positivity, or are you ruled by your restless and confused “monkey mind?” Consciousness is a word we often hear, but do we really understand what it is?

In this clear and insightful evening program, Consciousness: It’s All Over You, explains how we experience three different levels of consciousness in our daily lives, how expanding our consciousness can change our reality, and that achieving a higher consciousness as individuals helps to create a more enlightened collective consciousness.

Gain a solid introduction into how our minds work, get clearer insights into what consciousness is, including how the karma of consciousness is handed down through generations, and acquire practical exercises and meditations to open to higher consciousness for yourself and the collective.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— What Is Consciousness?

— Changing Consciousness — Creating Your Reality

— How the Monkey Mind Affects Your Consciousness

— Positive Consciousness

— Generational Consciousness & Karma

— How Our Personal Consciousness Affects Collective Consciousness check_circle

— The Battle of Consciousness in the Bhagavad Gita

— Higher Consciousness, Higher Power

— Meditation

— Practical Exercises for Understanding and Tapping into Consciousness



ABUNDANCE — Starts Right Now

Are you living in abundance, or in a state of lack? Do you see all the riches around you, or are you focused on what you don’t have?

ABUNDANCE: Starts Right Now, takes an innovative and illuminating look at the ways we think of abundance, and how to invite more of it into our lives. Beyond money, possessions, and power, true abundance flows and thrives in your consciousness. It’s a choice, and an ability, to give and receive.

With concise and focused thoughts and ideas, explore the power of creation that lies within your mind, and the courage it takes to embrace abundance. When you begin to access what you really need, truly want and what you can share, the great wealth of existence opens up.

Stop the mentality of scarcity and fear! ABUNDANCE: Starts Right Now will be your guide. Let the journey begin…

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— What Does Abundance Really Mean?

— The State of Lack - Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality

— Manifesting The Power of Creation

— The Courage To Be Authentic - Are You Able to Receive?

— Your Inner Voice — Self-Talk, Self Worth and Letting Go of Anger

— Eliminating What You Don't Need - What Is Truly Important to You

— Giving and Service - The Way to Abundance

— Exercises/Meditations on Abundance

— Resources



GRATITUDE — Yes Please

When we talk about gratitude, what role does our attitude play? Is it enough to be grateful for the things we cherish in our lives, or do we also need to appreciate the opportunity for compassion and understanding that our greatest challenges present? Gratitude: Yes Please, takes a fresh and dynamic approach toward this highly relevant topic for our times.

How does gratitude manifest in your life? Does it motivate and inspire you to help others? Among the subjects explored in this small but powerful evening course are the tools we need to jumpstart a gratitude practice, a look at how gratitude connects us, what living in cause vs effect means, and ways to integrate gratitude into meditation.

When you begin to transform your attitude into one of gratitude, you will see great results in every part of your life!

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

— Gratitude Connects Us To One Another

— Living in Cause, Not Effect

— Gratitude as Motivation

— Begin a Gratitude Practice

— Tools for Gratitude

— Gratitude and Meditation




What does it really mean to forgive? Who does it benefit the most? How do we see beyond hurt and anger, and reach a higher consciousness, moving forward?

Forgiveness: So I Can Move On, one of the many helpful little evening courses will challenge your assumptions about forgiveness and reveal its transformative power.

As difficult as it can be to forgive sometimes, by shifting our focus on healing, compassion, and understanding, we empower ourselves. With practical advice and concise bits of wisdom, we will cover a variety of topics about forgiveness.

If each one of us embraced a daily practice of forgiveness, the entire world would benefit and thrive. Forgiveness: So I Can Move On, is your passport to a journey that can improve your own life, the lives of those around you, and humanity as a whole.

Time: 2 hours


Topics Include:

— The True Meaning of Forgiveness

— Forgiveness as Empowerment — Letting Go of Anger

— The Benefits of Forgiveness

— Healing with an Open Heart

— Self-Forgiveness

— Forgiveness as a Process

— The Choice to Forgive — Steps Toward Forgiveness

— A Forgiving World — Service and Compassion

— Meditation for Forgiveness



RELATIONSHIPS — Would You Want To Date You?

What is the key piece of advice that most experts fail to tell you about relationships? Your relationship to everything in your life — your family, your co-workers, and even your pets — sets the stage for successful romantic relationships. This innovative evening program takes a fascinating look at what may be holding you back from a truly fulfilling partnership.

How’s your relationship to your own life? How do you navigate confidence issues, fear of intimacy and broken hearts? Can you learn to feel complete and whole on your own, before connecting with someone else? Are you ready to accept love into your life with a new perspective of what leads to true happiness?

This small and highly accessible program is packed full of insight and tips to revamp your approach to love. So “would you want to date you?”

Time: 2 hours

opics Include:

— It All Begins With You

— You Are Complete On Your Own

— What Is Your Relationship to Life?

— Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Am I Not the Fairest One Of All!

— Intention and Projection — The Dating Merry-Go-Round

— That Tangle Between Us — Let Go and Let Love

— The Foundation of a Relationship — Be Separate, Together

— Are We There Yet — How do I Know This Is "It?"

— A Broken Heart Has Wisdom and Strength

— Navigating Relationships — Love is A Great Adventure



ANXIETY — To Peace

Is ongoing anxiety affecting your life? Do you find yourself chasing serenity? Anxiety might be quietly running in the background, hiding its influence and keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

Anxiety: To Peace, offers timeless and valuable insight into the understanding of anxiety. This compact program, chock-full of information, covers many angles and perspectives including how anxiety can be a messenger for other emotions, the habit of feeling anxious, why your past plays a role in your experience of anxiety, and how in these tumultuous times, anxiety can be turned around to provide acceptance, healing, and hope.

Tapping into teachings, wisdom and practical tips that speak to our daily lives, Anxiety: To Peace provides affirmative inspiration to recognize anxiety and act on changing its effects.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Understanding Anxiety — The First Step to Serenity

— Anxiety A Habit?

— Anxiety As a Messenger

— Your Past — The Roots of Anxiety

— Anxiety And The Fear of Lack

— Anxiety In A Chaotic World — Acceptance, Healing and Hope

— Practical Tips To Combat Anxiety

— Meditation To Ease Anxiety

— Resources



DESIRE — Never Fulfilled but Grows

What brings true, lasting happiness? Having the biggest house on the block or an impressive title in front of your name? Are you on an endless chase to acquire the things that you’re convinced you need?

DESIRE: Never Fulfilled but Grows, will shift your perspective on this fascinating topic!

What role does attachment play in desire? What is the difference between a healthy, higher desire and one that brings us suffering? These are just some of the many subjects this little program touches upon, in addition to, how technology and social media affects desire, the impermanent nature of life, and the subconscious beliefs around what we desire, and why.

With better understanding of desire, we can begin to live our lives in alignment with who we truly are and in gratitude for all we have right now.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Understanding desire — is desire running your life?

— Desire and attachment — a cycle of unfulfillment

— The subconscious life of desirous attachment

— Love vs. Desire

— Teachings on desires

— Aspiration and acceptance — stop chasing desire

— Our desirous world

— Impermanence

— Changing Desire Into Understanding and Service 

— Meditation on Desire



BULLYING — You Won’t Beat Me

Have you ever been bullied? Is your child or loved one the target of a bully? Is cyber-bullying playing a role in your life? Are you a bully?

In order to stop the tide of bullying, we have to recognize it, stand up to it, and practice the tools of transformation. From getting the right help, to understanding both the bully and your own subconscious reactions, to using meditation to heal, Bullying: You Won’t Beat Me, is a great place to start.

In this concise, information-packed little book, learn how to identify bullying in its many forms, how to move towards action, what role mindful self-empowerment plays, and how to watch out for bullying tendencies in ourselves.

Now is the time for both individuals and society as a whole to tackle this widespread problem. When we stand up to bullying we practice the kindness and caring that everyone deserves.

Time: 2 hours


Topics Include:

— The Many Faces of Bullying

— Childhood Bullying

— Workplace Bullying

— Relationships & Family Bullying

— Cyberbullying

— Getting Help, Talking Action, And Transforming Yourself

— Changing The Environment

— The Role Of The Subconscious

— Do You Fear Your Own Power

— Are You A Bully?

— Meditations & Exercises

— Resources



DEPRESSION — What’s That?

How do you treat your feelings? Do you take care of them with kindness and understanding, or do you reject or fear them? Depression feeds on the resistance we have toward negative feelings. It’s only when we see ALL of our emotions with a neutral eye that we can move beyond them and experience more joy.

DEPRESSION — What’s that? Offers a new way of thinking about depression and explains how you can positively address this often debilitating, widespread condition. There are events and situations in our lives that pose huge challenges. How we treat these shifts is the difference between allowing ourselves to slip into depression, or realizing that we must change the way we think about emotions and feelings.

You CAN change the way your mind thinks, and stop the patterns that lead to feeling down and unable to move forward towards recovery and a blissful state of mind!

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— What is Depression?

— Depression and the Self

— Desire, Attachment, and Depression

— Your Childhood Programming - How to Stop Seeking Approval and Take Back Your Power

— Mindfulness: Creating Consciousness, Neutralizing Our Thinking, and Learning From Life's Lessons

— Gratitude and Service

— The Depression That Lies Under Anger, Grief and Addiction

— Getting Help — Are We Overmedicating?

— What Can You Do To Combat Depression?



ADDICTION — What a Cover-Up!

Is there an aspect of your life that is caught in a cycle of persistent, learned behavior that causes you, and maybe the people around you problems? Anything that is out of control, whether it be smoking, toxic relationships, unhealthy emotions, too much or too little sleep, or working obsessively, can all create imbalance and distraction.

Addiction: What a Cover-Up! Takes apart each of the elements that lead to compulsive behavior and offers you the path to a whole new mindset. It is packed full of unique observations, practical information and all-inclusive wisdom. The journey towards shedding your addictions and living a more satisfying and rewarding life, starts here!

Time: 2 hours


Topics Include:

— Our Addiction to Life

— A Habit Out of Control

— Addiction is Just Another Name for Desire and Attachment

— What is an Addictive Personality?

— The Sensitivity of the Mind and How We Talk to It

— Types of Addiction - Different but the Same

— Getting Help, and Strategies. to Combat Addiction (and How to Help Others)

— A Meditation For Healing, Willpower and Resolve

— Resources



LOVE / DIVORCE — Soulmate or Cellmate?

When we marry, or become a life partner, we enter an incredibly close and valued relationship, full of joy and potential. When challenges arise, it’s important not to lose sight of what brought you together and how your emotions have affected the relationship over time. If the marriage ends in divorce, you have not failed. Rather you’ve grown and learned. Love changes, yet we can move through a breakup with a loving intention for ourselves, our former partner, and the aftermath of the relationship.

LOVE/DIVORCE: Soulmate or Cellmate? Looks at the nature of partnerships, how love begins with you, the normal challenges we face in relationships, and how to move through a breakup or divorce with as much understanding, grace and love as possible. In this concise pocket sized program, you’ll find nuggets of wisdom and practical tools to apply to your journey of healing and renewal.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Where We Begin, Where We End Up

— Love Begins With You

— A Partnership Is More Than A Relationship

— The Role Of Love

— Divorce, An Unforeseen Reality

— The Consciousness Of Love

— The Journey Of Divorce

— After Divorce — A New Chapter

— Meditation



CONFIDENCE — Easy for You to Say!

Where does genuine, unwavering belief in yourself begin? Confidence: Easy for you to say, sets you on the path to greater understanding, love and acceptance of who you truly are. Confidence and a positive self-image don’t spring from external accomplishments or praise! It’s all about an internal journey that brings you to a place of assurance and certainty that you can always rely on, no matter what life presents…

In this succinct and insightful collection of wisdom teachings on confidence, we will reflect on the role of the ego, the importance of a positive internal dialogue, the difference between confidence and arrogance, why it takes courage to make mistakes, and how the power of service to others can inspire your own self-reliance!

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Understanding Confidence — What is it, and where does it come from? check_circle

— Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

— Confidence and the Ego

— The Internal Dialogue — You Are Already Good and Confident

— Inner Confidence vs. External Validation

— The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance

— Your Triggers

— The Energy and Consciousness of Confidence

— Confidence and Body Image

— The Confidence to Make Decisions and the Courage to be Wrong check_circle

— The Self - Confidence of Service and Compassion

— What Can You Do To Boost Self-Confidence?

— A Confidence Meditation



HAPPINESS — You Must Be Effin’ Joking!

How do you create happiness in your life? Is it something you’re constantly chasing? Do you assume other people are happier than you? It’s time to turn the idea of happiness on its head and break free of the unattainable idea of happiness on its head and break free of the unattainable idea that life should be absolute bliss all the time!

This innovative piece, explores the misconceptions we have about happiness, takes an honest look at the reality that there will always be balance in life, and investigates the role of desire — one of the primary roadblocks to happiness.

Our happiness comes and goes: that’s just how it is. We can learn to stay in happiness longer, and to understand the difference between immediate, fleeting pleasure and long-term joy. Once you redefine happiness, and accept its transient nature, you will know how to manifest it in a way that truly changes your life.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Happiness Might Not Be What You Think It Is

— The Pendulum - Happiness and Its Flip Side

— Success, Money, and Material Things

— Comparing Yourself to Others

— Desires: A Fast Track to Misery

— Happiness and the Mind

— Some Buddhist Teachings – Was the Buddha Really Happy?

— The Difference Between Pleasure and Long-Term Happiness

— Manifesting Happiness — Don't Wait for It

— The Path to Lasting Happiness



DREAMS — Best Messengers

Dreams are one of the most revealing and interesting avenues into the mind. Our ability to delve deeply into this rich, almost magical, manifestation of our subconscious offers amazing insights and awareness when applied to our lives.

Dreams: Best Messengers, offers a concise but richly-detailed guide to your dreams. This program will be an informative aid to help you interpret your gifts from sleep!

A reflection of the soul and a window to the truth that lies within, dreams not only tell us about ourselves, they can foretell future events, shed light on present situations and conditions you may not be aware of, and offer guidance and direction.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Your Dreams

— Recalling Dreams: Methods For Memory

— Dream Interpretation: Symbols And Metaphors Of Life

— Types Of Dreams

— Meditation And Lucid Dreaming



MINDFULNESS — Out Of or In Your Mind?

When we are more aware and focused on our surroundings and circumstances, every area of our lives improves. Mindfulness: Out of or in your mind, lays out a clear and succinct path for using mindfulness and meditation to achieve greater insight, less stress, and more compassion for yourself and others.

Mindfulness is a simple shift in perspective where every moment of each day is fully realized and appreciated. Bringing fresh perspective to this popular topic, we will show you how meditation can help support the deeper experience of a mindful life as we learn to tap into the subconscious. When we apply simple teachings to both the joys and challenges we all face, a world of knowledge and possibility begins.

Mindfulness outlines an easy way to see life anew. This mini program has the potential to change your life in big ways!

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— What is Mindfulness?

— The Benefits of Mindful Meditation

— Living in the Present — Begin a Mindful Practice

— Mindfulness as a Path to Self-Care and Awareness

— Clearing the Mind and Welcoming All Thought

— Walking Meditation

— Finding Stillness and Consciousness in Daily Life

— Devotion, Wisdom, and Action

— Meditation for Mindfulness



ANGER — Who Gives A Shite?

A fresh perspective on those all-too-familiar feelings of irritation, annoyance, resentment and rage. Anger is your best friend who you’ve treated like an enemy. This intriguing and helpful exploration of anger, sheds light on what anger really is, what it’s trying to tell you, how to accept it, deflate it, and use it to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

As you discover the unique perspectives in this evening program, you’ll find what lies on the other side of anger, and how to empower yourself with great insight and healing. How does anger manifest, physically and chemically? What can we learn about anger’s role in relationships, addictions, depression and grief?

When we face anger, without fear, and lessen its power over us, we free up space for a more joyous and peaceful life. Let go of anger’s grip and declare “Anger, Who Gives A Shite?”

Time: 2 hours


Topics Include:

— Understanding Anger

— Anger is a Messenger — Listen to It

— Anger's "Chain of Events"

— The First Step - Acceptance

— From Anger to Enlightenment

— The Flip Side of Anger

— Everything Has an Opposite

— Forgiveness

— Service — A Way to Joy

— Anger's Manifestation and How to Heal

— The Physical and Chemical Aspects of Anger

— Projecting Anger — How it Affects Relationships

— Anger and Violence

— Anger and Depression

— Anger and Grief

— Anger's Role in Addiction

— Release From Anger Exercises

— For Letting Go

— Some Last Words On Anger

— Resources



SUICIDE — Fast or Slow?

In order to understand and prevent suicides, we must begin to explore the topic with a new perspective and spirit of hope. SUICIDE, Fast or slow, shares wisdom perspectives that can offer as a powerful guide for support and healing.

Looking at both the internal and external influences that can steer a person to considering ending their life, we offer a deep examination of the human psyche, along with practical insight and tools to avert suicide.

SUICIDE, Fast or slow touches on what to look for when, someone has been experiencing deep depression, the factors that are contributing to the rise in youth suicide, how to move through the intense feelings, and many other aspects surrounding this urgent subject. This program offers a valuable resource for anyone who has been touched by suicide.

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— About Suicide, A Healing Perspective

— Understanding and Rethinking the Elements of Suicide

— The Permanent Nature of Impermanence

— Attitude is Everything — The Willingness to Stay Positive

— The Value of Vulnerability

— Our Inner Life and Outside Influences

— Changing Your Beliefs About Yourself — Peace as a Lifestyle

— Suicide Awareness — What Everyone Needs to Know

— Help and Support For Yourself and Others

— Coping with Suicide Loss — Grief and Healing

— Healing From Pain — A Meditation



GRIEF — Mind boggling, but natural

Grief is one of the most surprising emotions we experience. It can ultimately lead to healing and transformation, or it can devastate and paralyze us. How do we navigate our losses in a way that creates compassion and insight? Can grief be an important element in teaching us about life and its meaning?

GRIEF — Mind boggling, but natural, guides you through an exploration of one of the most universal but difficult transitions we face. By looking at the nature of impermanence, the process of letting go, and karma and energy — among many other topics — this program presents a deeply reflective but concise roadmap to understanding grief and shifting its effect in your life.

Drawing on timeless teachings and practical tools for coping, GRIEF provides the wisdom and support we need during challenging times.

Time: 2 hours


Topics Include:

— The Transient Nature of Life — Impermanence is a Gift

—Loss and Letting Go

— Karma, Energy, and the Continuum of Time

— Grief as a Path to Enlightenment

—Transition and Transformation — Change Is Always Changing

— Grief, Compassion, and Service

—Grief and Mindfulness

— Accepting Loss, Accepting Grief

— Suggestions to Help the Grieving Process

— Grief Meditation



WEIGHT — What’s eating you?

No diet can tackle the real causes and patterns of your struggle with food. Weight: What’s Eating You? Takes a fresh and effective approach to weight management by helping you go deeper and tap into your ability to change your entire relationship with food.

This evening program explores the power of your subconscious, the role of attachment in weight loss, mindful eating, moderation, and self-acceptance. You can’t lose those pounds until you make peace with them!

Weight: What’s Eating You? Is a launching pad for a reflective journey to uncover the root causes of your food issues, along with practical tips, and meditative exercises to help you get off the scale, begin the work of self-discovery, and step into the life you want!

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Weight on the Mind is Weight in the Body — What's Behind Your Eating Habits? check_circle

— The Power of Your Subconscious

— The Weighty Issues of Attachment and Addiction

— Going Deeper - A Proactive Approach to Weight

— Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

— Moderation, Self Love, and Making Peace with Weight

—Practical Advice and Tools — A New Way of Eating, A New Way of Life

— Meditations and Exercises for Mindful Eating



STRESS — Is stress stressing you out?

We live in a time where stress has become a common and perplexing challenge. How do we alleviate pressure and anxiety when life seems so overwhelming? Between the external “noise” of our fast-paced world and the daily responsibilities expected of us, finding an effective way to tackle stress is essential to health and happiness.

STRESS – Is stress stressing you out, offers sharp and lively insights about stress, along with the knowledge and tools to combat it.

This concise yet powerful mini program touches on the topics of the mind-body connection, the value of finding time for yourself, creating a life-style of peace, and using meditation as a calming method - so stress doesn’t have to stress you out!

Time: 2 hours

Topics Include:

— Is Stress Stressing You Out?

— Creating A Lifestyle of Peace — The Ecology Check

— Our Addiction to Technology and the Pressure Cooker of Life

— Time to Yourself

— Quieting the Critical Voice and the Mind-Body Connection of Stress

— Anchoring, Observation, and Looking at the Big Picture

—Tips and Tools to De-Stress

—Meditation and an Exercise for Stress Relief



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